Island alien invasive species eradication

Island alien invasive species eradication 1
Island alien invasive species eradication 2

Islands around the world have been devastated by the effects of alien invasive species. WMIL has over 30 years of experience in the eradication of these pests from islands, and as such have the technical skills to assess, design and implement your eradication programme. We also provide auditing of on-going control or eradication programmes. Due to strict regulations governing the use of rodenticides in Europe, WMIL developed a ground-based bait station and baiting programme that minimised non-target exposure whilst still ensuring pest eradication. Using these methods we have successfully eradicated mice, rats, feral cats and rabbits from over 20 islands around the world. Usually in partnership with local conservation organisations and resident island communities, these eradications have been the first step in the islands’ restoration, leading the way for species recovery.

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